Yoga: It changes the way you do everything else!
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Benefits of Practicing Yoga Poses and Breath Exercises
  • Increase metabolism and improve circulationYoga
  • Improve core strength
  • Relieve stress and improve sleep
  • Increase tone and strength
  • Improve balance
  • Reduce injury
  • Improve mental focus
  • Reduce unhealthy snack cravings
  • Enhance self-knowledge and awareness
  • Exercise without injury; yoga is adaptable and appropriate for a variety of ages, body types and fitness levels

Yoga: Why Your Body and Soul Want Some

Yoga. Union. To yoke together. They all mean the same thing. Wholeness.

Yoga gives us movement, breath and self-knowledge that bring us into wholeness, over and over again, as we move through life experiences and events that may challenge our very center and well-being. And when things are going along smoothly and joyfully, yoga creates an even greater capacity to taste that joy and swim in it!

Bodies were designed to be active, so they experience a certain amount of stress simply from being still or repetitively resting in the same position — a challenge many of us face, particularly in our work environment. How you feel in your body affects every aspect of your life, be it personal or professional, physical, emotional or spiritual. Anyone who has experienced injury or physical pain knows the truth of this. You feel un-whole, un-present.

It is essential, therefore, that we give ourselves an opportunity to relieve stress — both physical and mental. Doing even a few minutes of yoga in the morning changes the way you use your body all day. Many techniques can be performed while sitting, driving, walking which means you can support your body and your mind even when you are particularly busy.

People experience related benefits, such as improved memory and focus, increased life and job satisfaction, and a heightened sense of being "present." Yoga stretching, strengthening, and breathing techniques keep your mind and body flexible, strong, and centered.

Yoga practice engages the whole person, and as a result it can evoke some powerful and subtle changes in us. In yoga, breath exercise is called pranayama, which means to restrain or master the life force. How we breathe reflects and influences the state of the nervous system, and thus our whole body. We tighten our bodies to feel less, and in yoga we choose to breathe and to soften. People sometimes experience waves of emotion — anything from irritation to grief to anger — as they hold a pose, breathe, and encourage energy to flow into areas where there is stagnation.

We want to study these patterns of sensation that arise, to know them intimately, for it is believed that, as energy radiates from the soul, it creates these structures so as to have the fullest expression possible. The best way to find the soul, therefore, is to study the energy and follow it back to itself. There we find union.

Teaching Style

My primary intention in each class is to provide a space/time that is safe and nourishing. From there we learn, we grow, and we always get healthier and stronger. I often say that my job is getting to witness people get younger!

We explore breath and meditation, strengthening and stillness as well as movement. Classes incorporate a combination of held postures as well as vinyasa (flow) style a dynamic moving meditation that employs breath as the foundation and focus. Over the years I've become increasingly passionate about joint stability, range of motion, spinal health and true core strength (turns out it's not just those ab muscles they emphasized in gym class).

My Kripalu Yoga training informs and supports my compassion-centered teaching and practice. I encourage students to discover their "edge," to become aware of their physical and emotional reactions to sensation, and to transform their old patterns with new breath. The result is a powerful practice for the body and spirit — one that deeply impacts life both on and off the yoga mat.

I remind you, as I do with all students: the yoga practice is yours. I simply provide a framework. It's my hope that you'll seek the level of challenge that feels right for you in any given moment. I have no judgment or expectation about what your practice will look like. I look forward to practicing with you!

Out beyond the ideas of what's right and wrong is a field...I will meet you there.
— Rumi

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