Featured Links

Rethink Recycling
A fabulous all-around Twin Cities resource for information on recycling, reducing junk mail and the stuff that flows IN to your life, and responsibly disposing of toxic items such as batteries, paints, cleaners and computers etc.

Center for a New American Dream
Offers powerful tools: how-tos for becoming a responsible consumer and buying "green," and tips for parenting in a commercial culture are just some examples.

Feng Shui Institute of the Midwest
A great resource for articles on Feng Shui topics, answers to questions about Feng Shui consultations, a listing of Institute approved Feng Shui Practitioners, and more.

Experience Life Magazine
  • "Order Out of Chaos" series by Andrea Gerasimo and Courtney Helgoe: provides practical tips for decluttering an entryway, a home office, a closet, a pantry, a car and a bedroom.
  • "Clutter Busters" by Andy Steiner: provides some down-and-dirty information on clutter and how to rid your home of it.
  • "Yoga for Your Home" by Andrea Gerasimo: encourages you to take your home's pulse and starts you on the decluttering process.

The Living Experiment Podcast

  • "Decluttering": Andrea's sister Pilar interviews her about the techniques and strategies she uses to help her clients create order, sanity and beauty where chaos once reigned.
  • "Clutter": Pilar Gerasimo and Dallas Hartwig give advice on how to get an inspired leg up on the clutter that's been dragging you down.
Reuse Programs
How to get rid of your stuff that is too good to throw away or is challenging to dispose of? Alas, the Twin Cities Free Market doesn't exist like it used to, but the Eureka Recycling website has a list of counties and organizations that accept various items for their reuse programs in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area and throughout Minnesota.

Overwhelmed by the amount of plastic in your life and looking for ways to reduce your consumption? Check out myplasticfreelife.com for tons of advice on living a plastic-free (or plastic-minimized) life, as well as some eye-opening info on just how ubiquitous plastic is.

Decluttering Resources

Want to know what do you do with all that still-useable stuff instead of putting it in a landfill, or if local donation centers won't take it? Try out these resources:

Clothes and Shoes
  • Dress for Success donates women's professional clothing (blazers, blouses, pants/skirts, purses, close-toed shoes and scarves) to economically-disadvantaged women seeking gainful employment. Twin Cities Metro Area Edina Realty offices are drop-off sites.
  • Ship new or gently worn professional and business casual men's clothing, shoes and accessories to Career Gear.
  • Project Prom collects prom dresses at several locations in the Twin Cities Metro Area and in Winona, MN.
  • Donate contemporary wedding gowns to Brides Across America The gowns are given to military and first responder brides with financial hardships.
  • Several shoe stores in the Twin Cities Metro Area collect new and used shoes for Soles 4 Souls, who distributes them to people in need around the world.
  • Recycle your cell phone through Medic Mobile, which uses the proceeds to purchase new phones for health care workers in developing countries.
  • If you want to donate your still-working cell phone to a good cause, try Cell Phones for Soldiers (deployed and returning troops) or Cell Phone Bank (emergency phones for law enforcement and victims services agencies).
  • Computers with Causes accepts computers and laptops that are no more than 5 years old to benefit various charities and families. They have a zero-landfill policy. World Computer Exchange provides Pentium 4 and above computers and tablets to schools, libraries, community centers and universities in developing countries.
  • Game Changer helps children with life-threatening illnesses through the collection and re-purposing of video games and consoles, IT and networking equipment and consumer electronics.
  • Some Best Buy stores have a trade-in program for working electronics. All Best Buy stores accept electronics for recycling, no matter where you bought them. Visit their recycling website to see a list of what they will take and state-by-state restrictions.

Art Supplies

  • Inklude Studios finds creative uses for fabric remnants, art supplies, camera and computer equipment, and sewing/fiber arts supplies.


  • Better World Books collects books via drop boxes around the country and sells them online to raise money for literacy worldwide.
  • Books For Africa collects books at warehouses in St. Paul, MN and Atlanta, GA from donors across the U.S. and ships them to African non-governmental organizations, universities and foundations that distribute them to local schools.

Glasses and Hearing Aids

  • Donate prescription and reading glasses, sunglasses and plastic and metal frames to people in need in developing countries through the Lions Club International. They also take hearing aids for recycling.


  • Collectibles with Causes will take collector cars, sports memorabilia, comic books, toys and other collectibles. They use the proceeds from sales to support children worldwide, disease research, educational programs and other charitable causes.

Pet Supplies

  • Pet Project Rescue, based in Minneapolis, accepts new and lightly-used pet supplies for use in their no-kill foster care program.

Yoga Mats

  • Start by buying a mat that is made out of a natural or biodegradable material, rather than PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC is made with carcinogenic chemicals, and it is a type of plastic that will never degrade and is extremely difficult or impossible to recycle.
  • Some companies, like SugaMat, will recycle their own yoga mats. They also take wetsuits - which is what they make the mats out of!
  • Offer your mat to any Boys and Girls Club or other non-profit organization that promotes health and fitness.
  • Or find another use for your mat at home: wrap breakables during a move, put pieces under chair or table legs to prevent slipping/cuffing or cut off a square for a mouse pad. Keep an old mat in your car for kneeling on while changing a tire or as a cushion on a bark bench or beach, or for keeping pet hair off the back seat. Use your favorite search engine and you'll find a thousand ideas.

Visit Earth911.com to search for recycling centers near you and learn more about the whats, whys and hows of recycling.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website has a lot of electronic recycling information and links.

Feng Shui Links

Isabella: natural skin and body care, home decor, jewelry, audio CDs and other gifts.

Dharma Crafts: meditation supplies, including statues, wind chimes, bells and more.

Sounds True: audio, video, music, books, wisdom for the inner life.

Yoga Links

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Yoga Journal

Yoga Resources

Barefoot Yoga: great yoga mat bags!

Gaiam: a source for yoga equipment, clothing and videos

Prana: sustainable yoga clothing and equipment.

Hugger Mugger: wide variety of equipment for yoga and meditation.

Andrea's Favorite Yoga CDs

Rhythms of the Chakras, Glen Velez
Drumming for the body's energy centers; steady, earthy beats for the body of your practice.
Sounds True, 800-333-9185

Namaste, Mix
2 discs, one with music and the other with a mediation. All lovely. Peaceful and powerful for the body of your practice, for savasana, for meditation and massage. Everyone who hears this CD asks me about it.
Real Music, 415-331-8273

Japa, Dave Stringer
Kirtan chanting music. Five tracks, very energetic and rhythmic. Features guest musicians and vocalists such as Toni Childs and Seane Corn. I often use it to get me up off my mat from resting and into flow in the beginning of my practice.
Dave Stringer or CD Baby

Breath of the Heart, Krishna Das
Powerful, deep vocals with very rhythmic music. A great CD from a very energizing practice.
Krishna Das

Door of Faith, Krishna Das
Chanting with powerful instrumentation. Krishna Das has a rich and moving voice. This CD is slower than "Breath of the Heart" and for me more useable as a whole CD for practice as it doesn't get as frenetic.
Krishna Das

Refuge, Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors, featuring Boris Grebenshikov
This CD has been a main stay for me for years. Never gets stale and is great for all kinds of practice. Peaceful and energetic at the same time. Worl beat percussion and add Boris' voice which is big, deep and old and Tibetan chants find a whole new place. Many people ask about this CD.
Raven Recording

Savasana, Wah!
This CD is a must for me. Her voice is silky, rich and healing, singing in Sanskrit. Vocal style is smooth and steady, intended for savasana and to create a deep level of relaxation. Perfect for opening and closing an active practice, for meditation and massage, or to inspire a slow flow. A collection of chants designed for deep relaxation using harmonium, tamboura, violin, flute, bass, and free-flowing vocals.
Wah! Music

Tantric Heart, Music for Lovers, Shastro
2 tracks each 20-25 minutes long. Peaceful, sensual instrumental. Wonderful for massage, and for restorative practice.
Malimba Records

Om Namah Shivaya, Master Charles Cannon
Zony, meditative, healing. Essential savasana CD! One long track of his voice chanting, whispering "Om Namah Shivaya", a Sanskrit mantra meaning "I bow to God". The music is subtle and steady, with chimes and water sounds. It feels earth connected, not synthesizerish.

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