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Clutter creates chaos in our space and comes in many forms: Physical, mental and emotional. Each day ushers more of it into our lives (like junk mail!), arriving in layers and costing us much more dearly than we realize. Home should be our sanctuary from a chaotic and fast-paced world, a place that supports and nurtures us. Learning practical and powerful tools for removing clutter is one of the most empowering moves we can make to open our life and make space for our dreams and desires.

Most people know they have clutter and have a desire to get rid of it, but many don't know what is holding them back, what it is costing them, or how to begin the process of removal. And what about keeping it from accumulating again? Often people are unaware of why they have the clutter they do, in all its various forms. Getting clarity on all these fronts is a key focus of decluttering and is key to success. By applying a few step-by-step decluttering techniques, and some powerful Feng Shui principles, you begin your mission to clear clutter and make way for wonderful energy and freedom to flow into your life.

The process of removing clutter is different in each space and in each life, but the one constant is that it always brings about change, evolution, and sometimes in surprising ways. Clutter, meaning to clot, functions in our space much like a blood clot in our body, creating chaos and disharmony. Removing it gets things flowing. Be warned: moving and removing clutter will change your life, perhaps in ways you hadn't planned for. Keeping stuff that no longer serves us, and is reminiscent of our past selves, is one way of impeding change. This, of course, is one subtle and unconscious reason we hold on to it. It causes stagnation, confusion and dis-ease on all levels, but we get used to it, and it feels safe. Plus, the clutter gets so big that we can't imagine ever tackling it and winning.

There are many different types of clutter, and some are easier to remove than others. Often the energetic shift we experience from the removal of clutter is proportionate to how thick it is, how old it is and how much emotional charge we have around it. I find that almost everyone has a great deal of resistance dealing with paper. Its flow is never ending, and we must be vigilant to restrict its flow into our lives. The good news is that while paper is some of the densest to remove and sort, freedom from the stress surrounding it is particularly sweet!

Working with my own clutter and that of my clients has confirmed for me over and over again that clutter can be removed, and that the process of beginning actually generates more energy for continuing the process. Learn how to begin! That's the key. It is similar to the way a river comes into existence. The river doesn't just show up one day. A drop of water creates a little groove in the soil, which then collects more water, which then creates a larger groove, and so on.

It is deeply rewarding to me to see people creating flow and freedom in all the ways that count, all the ways that allow us to live well. Blessings to you on this great journey.

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