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The Barn Aid CD

We never planned to make a CD of the Barn Aid benefit concert. Frankly, it was all we could do to pull off the concert in the first place. But when we found out that a Greg Brown fan had made an excellent tape of the concert, we couldn't resist the opportunity to turn it into a CD. Greg listened to the recording, liked it, and gave us the go ahead. Charlie and Jeff said "yup," and next thing you know a barn-saving CD was in the works.

What's on the disc

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Please Come Back to Me  Jeff White & The Front Porch  
Lazy Bones  Jeff White & The Front Porch  
Union Tramp  Charlie Parr and Mikkel Beckmen  
Ode to a New Dealer  Charlie Parr and Mikkel Beckmen  
Tom Bell's Worried Blues  Charlie Parr and Mikkel Beckmen  
Billy From the Hills  Greg Brown  
Ella Mae  Greg Brown  
The Way My Baby Calls My Name  Greg Brown  
Hillbilly Girl  Greg Brown  
Verona Road  Greg Brown  
Summer Evening  Greg Brown  
Like a Dog  Greg Brown  
Kind Hearted Woman  Greg Brown, Charlie Parr  
Down in the Valley  Greg Brown, Charlie Parr, Mikkel Beckmen  
Last Fair Deal  Greg Brown, Charlie Parr, Mikkel Beckmen  
Twelve Gates to the City  Greg Brown, Charlie Parr, Mikkel Beckmen  

If your browser supports MP3s you can hear a short sample of each track by clicking on the song names, above. The MP3 samples range in size from 600 KB to about 1.3 MB. If your browser cannot handle MP3s, consider downloading Apple Quicktime.

Comments about the disc

If you want to hear what others are saying about the disk, check out our CD Comments page.

How we made it

Jon Oelke recorded Charlie Parr and Greg Brown. The recording of Jeff White & The Front Porch was contributed by Scott Wizkizer. We put our heads together and selected the songs we wanted on the CD. It wasn't easy to pick songs; there was so much great material.

Jon Oelke worked hard to edit the raw tapes and put together the final mix. The CD was mastered by Master Mix Studios in Minneapolis. Cynthia Henry contributed beautiful designs for the disc and the CD case. Paul Herzing provided prepress work, and is updating our Web site (no small task, and perhaps a never-ending one). Red House Records provided invaluable assistance along the way, lending good advice and providing us with affordable pressing. In the end more than a dozen people were directly involved in the production of the concert disc.

Why we made it

The Barn Aid benefit was a great success. We raised about $11,000 toward the restoration of the barn at Bubbling Springs Farm. As outstanding as that is, we are still at least $10,000 short of what we'll need to restore our barn. With a little luck our CD will get a second pressing down the road, and eventually we think efforts like this will put us over the top.

Proceeds from the sale of the disc go directly to the restoration of our barn here at Bubbling Springs. If we raise more than we need, the extra money will be sent to the Wisconsin Farmland Conservancy, where it will be used for rural preservation projects around the state.

How to get the disc

Thanks to the outstanding support of the Barn Aid artists, their fans, and barn-friendly music lovers around the world, we sold out the entire pressing of discs! There are no plans to make a second pressing at this time. Thanks to all of you bought our CD!